March 27, 2011 Phil

Top Ten Reasons People Love Apple

If you know or have known me for any length of time you’ll know that I’m a Apple lover. Yeah, that’s right, I’m a card holding member of the Steve Job’s army. I drink the Apple Kool-aid and run around telling everyone they should toss their PC in the garbage.  But for those who really know me, who can go back 6-7 years and remember the old Phil, you’re probably having a little laugh on my behalf as you read this post remembering the agency days when I would poke fun at Macophites.

Working in an ad agency, I was surrounded by Apple lovers and I just couldn’t get why they wanted to use these stupid, over priced, pretty machines. They didn’t have Microsoft Word or Excel. There was no C drive or DOS. Hell it seemed completely whacked to me. I kept thinking why are all these people so hooked on a product that couldn’t even share files on a network without installing PCMacLan. I just want every one to wake up and smell the damn roses. Windows obviously ruled the world……in 2002.

You know how they say hindsight is 20/20? I hate that cliche. It’s so painfully true for me when it comes to Apple. It really hit home the other day when I was standing at a magazine rack in my local drugstore waiting for my Lipitor. I was digging through the technology section hunting for the cool stuff and tripped over a Mac mag with the headline “Top 10 reasons people love there Macs”. Not a completely original title, but enough to grab my attention and peak my curiosity.

I thumbed through the magazine to find my section of interest and started reading from reason number 10 working my way to the top. There was nothing ground shaking, the usually excuses – Steve Jobs, innovation, Pixar and the invention of the iPhone. The first  nine reasons seem obvious and a bit “whatever, like I know that”. But the number one reason, again not a shock, took me back ten years to those days when I couldn’t understand why the folks in the agency world loved their stupid, incompatible, non-Microsoft glorified juke boxes.It wasn’t about the innovation, the quality or the cool colours, it was about the community and the passion surrounding the product.

The number one reason people love their Macs is because they feel like they’re part of something much bigger than a product. They’re part of the Mac community and they wear their badge proudly defending all aspects. There are so many examples of how the Apple Army have endured despite failed products and iPhone defects. Their soldiers truly believe Apple is their leader and can do no wrong.

How powerful is that for a brand? The iPhone 4 launch is a great example. The product had a proven defect. Apple admits it, tells people to buy a phone case and still sells millions of units in the first 6 months. Wow!

So to bring this full circle I want to apologize, because I’m Canadian, to all the Mac lovers I use to make fun of  7 years ago. Kevin, Adam and especially Darren – it’s clear to me now that you were all foot soldiers leading the charge for what has turned out to one of the biggest technology revolutions of today. Thanks to you I now have an iPad, 2 iPhone 4s, 3 iPhone 3s a Macbook Pro and a Macbook. I guess you guys get the last laugh afterall.

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