January 8, 2011 Phil

The Facebook Obsession

The Social Network, Hollywood’s version of the evolution of Facebook, has managed to create lots of publicity for it’s creator and the popular social website. A blitz of talk show appearances, news interviews and spin off television shows are making Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, its young billionaire CEO, a household name the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

I recently watched one of the spin off television programs on CNBC called “The Facebook Obsession“. In its typical sensationalized style, CNBC followed the Zuckerberg story positioning the young entrepreneur as a prodigy with a social problem. Zuckerberg’s short history has lots of titillating parts that, when spun by a good writer, make him look like an eccentric geek. The bumpy road travelled by Facebook on the privacy front also creates lots of news worthy sound bytes. But this CNBC show went one step further than most, suggesting Facebook is a growing menace to society destine to become government controlled if Zuckerberg is not careful. According to the report, Facebook is conspiring to become a global human registry and for some reason that’s not a good thing. Maybe they believe Zuckerberg watched a lot of “Pinky and the Brain” when he was younger.

Interesting, a global human registry filled with information that would allow you find market opportunities and delivery relevant messages at the right time and place. Sorry CNBC, but this is a fantastic idea. As a marketer it’s a dream date. Everyone in the world profiled online along with their likes and dislikes, their location and how they feel in the moment. WOW! That’s absolutely awesome. I sure hope that CNBC is right. The only question I have is if you think this is a good thing does that make you evil? It seems that CNBC thinks so.

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