Strategic Consulting

 If you’re a marketer chances are you know all about the Internet and realize how important it is to create a marketing plan that leverages its power. Whether it’s a brand message or a sales campaign, in today’s world it’s imperative that you include online media in your efforts. The challenge most face when doing this is designing an effective strategy for reaching their target audience.

Search Engine Marketing

Google is the world’s new phone book. When you want to find a product or service the first thing most people do is “Google it”.  Whether you use Google, MSN, Yahoo or some other search engine, as a business you want your name to come up at the top of the search list when a potential opportunity is being researched. We will review your site, highlight the opportunities for improvement and build you a plan with recommendations on how to enhance your search performance.

Performance Measurement

The Internet is changing how we think when it comes to marketing. This change is the result of our ability to measure performance instantaneously. Real-time analytics, usability tools and marketing campaign measurement are just a few of the things marketers have that will help you improve your return on investment. We will help you identify your online objectives, define your targets and plot a road for how to achieve your online marketing goals.

Social Media Consulting

Networking and building relationships with friends, business associates, clients and family members is nothing new. We instinctively reach out to others for companionship and support. For decades we have invented ways to build and maintain relationships. From homing pigeons to telephones, we need to connect – to reach out. We can help you build brand relationships using leading online social networks. We look at your brand and create a plan that fits it.

Website Development

Web development is the first and probably most important step to getting your business online. Your online identity or brand will set the stage for how others interact with your company. It’s incredibly important to your company’s creditability that the first impression is reflective of your brand. We can help you build a complete online solution from the ground up with flexible content management systems that allow you to easily manage your own site.

Content Marketing

One of the most important components to any online marketing campaign is content. If you’re not creating it, updating it and finding new innovative ways to distribute it you’re missing a huge opportunity. Many large brands are shifting gears away from buying ads and focusing all their attention on creating great content that can be spread around the world using a numerous online tools. We can help you develop and implement a content marketing plan that will put your brand in the crosshairs of your customer.

User Experience Design

Website design starts with understanding your visitors and how they use your website. We work with a number of top UX designers to help build a website architecture that aligns perfectly with your visitors needs. Using a series of proven methods including online visitor surveys, user testing and website behaviour tools, we listen to you and your visitors before we design and architect your new website to ensure we surpass your expectations.

Custom Application Development

We build custom web applications so when you can’t find something that fits your needs or your needs involve integration with other business systems we can help you out. We will develop a functional requirements assessment, prototype the application using our wireframing tools and using Agile development we will build your custom application from the ground up keeping you involved. Our developers are well versed in both Open Source and proprietary software development languages.