July 22, 2008 Phil

Olympics go Social

Where better to use Social Media then as part of an Olympic Games marketing campaign. Lenovo, a Worldwide supplier of innovation, is sponsoring a site that allows followers to get an inside perspective on athletes from around the world. Voices of the Olympic Games is a aggregation of blogs with a sorting tool that allows you to quickly and easily sift through the thousands of blog entries be post by hundreds of athletes. Lenovo partnered with Google to create this incredibly real approach to covering the Olympics. The site adheres to the best practices outlined by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. None of the athletes are required to mention anything about Lenovo. There is no editorial management of the site’s content. It’s just real content from real athletes who share their thoughts with the rest of the world!

To compliment the blogging, Lenovo created Facebook applications for each country. Users can add the application to their profiles and view the blog posts through the Facebook interface. The application leverages the viral aptitude of Facebook by encourage participants to invite their friends to become fans of the user’s country rewarding the user for the number of referrals they generate. It displays a summary view of how many fans there are for each country encouraging the user to invite more friends to elevate their favorite country’s ranking . Over 100,000 Facebookites have downloaded the application.

So why do it? Why would Lenovo invest millions of dollars in this initiative? They see the value of connecting their brand to an incredibly powerful information source that will get worldwide exposure. They know that the site will have an extremely high rate of visitor recurrence. They know that it will get passed around to other enthusiasts. They’re looking to create online brand awareness and its working because until now I had no idea who they were or what they did.

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