November 14, 2011 Phil

Content Marketing – What is it and why is it so important?

I’m a huge fan of anyone who has the ability to write. Not just pound out a paragraph or post a blog entry, but truly write something that motivates or initiates an emotion from the reader. It’s an incredible art form that is slowly fading away in this world of LOL, LMAO and BRB. Well-written content is golden when it comes to marketing. It’s not just a product description or an “About Us” page on your website, Content Marketing is a holistic approach to managing your company’s message to its target audience. Getting it right is essential to being successful.

The Internet has changed how we consume content. At one time we would reach for a catalogue or pick-up magazine to learn more about a product or service. Today we Google it and if we don’t find what we’re looking for on the first couple of result pages we type in another search. We search and re-search until something jumps out at us. The right word or phrase that is relevant to our topic of interest. Finding an answer or the desired information is completely dependent on the marketer’s ability to use the right content when writing about their product or service.

With over 11 billion searches per month on, using the right words, the ones that actually mean something to your audience, has never been as important as it is today online.  The need to be consistent and relevant across a variety of media has pushed the practice of Content Marketing to the forefront for marketers.

Content Marketing is nothing new; copywriters have been doing it for some time.  Writing articles, press releases, ads, tag lines, website content and television spots. There’s always a hook and a consistent theme that transcends all media. So what’s different about Content Marketing now?

Content is no longer being driven by the copywriter’s creative elbow or funny bone. Thanks to online search and social media, Content Marketing has taken on a new meaning. Words need to be relevant and should be part of the target audience’s vernacular else it will get lost or discounted.

The sheer volume of content both on and off-line makes it extremely difficult for your message to stand out and grab attention. Today’s content has to provide its audience with value. It has to demonstrate thought leadership with the overall goal of creating awareness and motivating the reader.  If it’s not authentic it will be ignored.

What is good Content Marketing? Planned, well-written content that is designed and measured to meet specific goals. It uses relevant terms that appeal to its audience. It appears in the right places and the right formats. It can be as simple as a Facebook Wall post or as expensive as a Superbowl television ad. What’s important is that the placement, delivery, context and the content of the message be relevant and on queue.

Getting Content Marketing right can lead to a significant increase in ROI for your company. Good content and thought leadership can contribute to audience trust. In a world of perpetual change and billions of marketing messages, trust is the key to brand loyalty and long-term customer relationships. The more your audience trusts your brand, the more likely they will respond to your marketing message.

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