March 22, 2015 swinney_admin

5 Things to remember when creating your online marketing plan

Online marketing is mainstream. It’s no longer an accessory to a campaign, most often it’s the focus of your marketing activities. If you’re not a sophisticated online marketer your probably still pushing your audience online to learn about your product or service. If you are knowledgeable in the space chances are you’re talking about screens and conversions. The following is a list of the top things to consider when you’re planning or developing your online campaign. If you’re doing these things its likely that your realizing the full potential of what online marketing has to offer.

  1. Set SMART Objectives – You laugh because it’s obvious, right? The truth is 95% of marketers create objectives that are either easy to reach or so abstract you’ll never know when you’ve accomplished something. SMART objectives are Specific, Measurable, Attainable,  Relevant and Timely. They are clearly transformed into targets that allow you to determine success and failure.
  2. Know your Audience – Thanks to analytics and easy-to-use online tools, it is now much easier to measure and evaluate your audience. You can tell where they are located, what they are interested in and how often they consume your content. Google Analytics provides channel information and attribution modeling so you can see how your audience reaches your website. Use this data to help you make the right choices when it comes to media.
  3. Understand your Customer’s Path to Purchase – We all go through a decision-making process when we become aware of or begin to consider purchasing a product or service. The web often plays a very important role in assisting and completing a purchase decision. If you take the time to understand the journey your customer takes when making a choice it will help you make informed choices on your media budget.
  4. Use Re-marketing to Remind Them – if you ask an marketer if they understand re-marketing they usually nod in agreement, few really get its true power.  In its simplest form re-marketing is a friendly reminder, in its most effective form its a motivator that can push your customer along their purchase journey encouraging them to buy. When you understand their decision journey you can use re-marketing to communicate the right message at the right moment. Make sure you’re using this powerful tool.
  5. Iterate your Marketing Activities – The beauty of online marketing is its flexibility. If something isn’t meeting your expectations change it or turn it off and shift your dollars somewhere else. Design your online marketing campaigns so that you can iterate and update based on your marketing targets. Don’t sign fixed contracts.
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